November 15, 2012

NYC: Then vs. Now

You may have heard of Evan Joseph, or you may not; Joseph is one of New York's leading photographers of architecture, and he took these amazing "now" photos of New York landmarks. I was first introduced to his work via MyModernMet, which is where I borrowed the context for this post: 

Take a journey with us, if you will, back in time to see how one of the most important cities in the world has evolved. Evan Joseph, one of New York's leading photographers of architecture, had previously given as an incredible birds eye view of New York City at night by precariously dangling out of a tiny helicopter. He's now back with a new book called New York Then and Now. Not yet released to the public, this is your sneak peek. 
Out December 3, the book shows how Joseph is still pushing himself, creativity and technically, by meticulously setting up shots to match ones taken in the previous century. Every image in the book was shot from the exact same angle as the historic image it is being compared to. Also, Joseph would go so far as to wait several hours until he could match the lighting. 
Comparing the old and new photos is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of diversity of New York. Not only do we get to see how iconic places like Wall Street, Grand Central, and Union Square have changed, we're presented with a visual story that tells us that while New York's massive skyscrapers have come and gone, the dynamic and energetic feel of the city will live on forever.

Central Park, 1933 vs Now

Grand Central, 1941 vs Now

Union Square North, 1903 vs Now

Columbus Circle, 1912 vs Now

New York Stock Exchange, 1921 vs Now

The Highline, 1950 vs Now

Brooklyn Bridge, 1905 vs Now

East Midtown Skyline (Chrysler Building), 1930 vs Now

World Trade Center, 1976 vs Now

Tip of Manhattan, 1935 vs Now

November 14, 2012

The Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog

I copied and pasted this entire blog post from Deadspin, because it's hilarious and nothing I could say about it would be better than actually reading it. Also, I'm lazy. Enjoy.

November 10, 2012

Wedding Weekend

Last weekend I attended my first Indian wedding, and I'm going to talk about it. I've been friends with Anjali since second grade, and she is one of the sweetest, kindest people that I know. Not only was I was excited to attend her wedding last weekend, but our friends from Katie and Kristen also came all the way from Mississippi to be there, too.
showing off our henna
Anjali and Gaurav held a traditional Indian wedding including a mehndi celebration and the baraat, followed by the marriage ceremony. A couple of Anjali's cousins adopted us, as we were the few non-Indians in attendance and explained much of the symbolism behind the mehndi and other rituals. The decor and clothing were all stunningly beautiful; pictures really don't do the colors or the dancing or the singing (obviously) any justice.

Anjali and Gaurav at the mehndi celebration

dancing at the mehndi celebration


Anjali and Gaurav Khullar
showing off our henna on day two

Kristen, me, Anjali, and Katie

The wedding festivities ended on Saturday night, so Katie and Kristen and I spent all day Sunday sightseeing in DC. Living here means that I often take for granted the memorials and museums, so it was a great day to visit the National Mall for some walkin'. After delicious brunch at Bayou, we visited the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the World War II Memorial, the Washington Monument, waved to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and finished up with a visit to the Natural History Museum. It was a sunny day with a bluebird sky and was a fitting reminder about those who have served our country, just in time for Veteran's day this Monday.

Vietnam War Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool

Korean War Memorial

Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool

World War II Memorial

Washington Monument

Natural History Museum

Henry at the Natural History Museum

The Hope Diamond at the Natural History Museum

Washington Monument at sunset