July 29, 2010

Weird Umbrella Inventions

It's pouring rain outside, which naturally led to a co-worker discussion about umbrellas.  Someone suggested that a full-body umbrella should be invented, and a quick Google search proved that, lo and behold, one has been.  See below for a few, um, creative umbrella ideas.

the bottle cap umbrella

the Bumpbrella, inflated with a bicycle pump

the cloud umbrella (also inflatable)

the Nubrella

the UFO cap

the full body umbrella

the shoe umbrella(s)

Ultimate Tailgate

While I recently learned that DC, in fact, was not built on swamplands, it has certainly felt that way for the majority of this summer.  I can't believe that it's almost August as it is, not to mention that we have at least another month of scorching weather.  I'm ready for fall, for cooler weather, changing leaves, jackets, scarves, football games and tailgating.  Though I'm not a huge fan of the Tommy Hilfiger brand, I may change my mind if this is the direction the line is going.  Don't you want to pull a Mary Poppins and jump right into these photos?

July 27, 2010

Victorian Meets Modern in Gramercy Park

I fell in love with interior design consultant Ellen O'Neill's studio apartment located in New York's Gramercy Park.  I adore the combination of black and white for a crisp, fresh look, and I admire Ellen's use of both rustic and contemporary pieces to create an eclectic collection. 


July 21, 2010

Dance Party

Found via The Sartorialist, the photos below are from the Governors Island Jazz Age Dance Party.  Simultaneously elegant and casual, raw and refined.  More photos can be found here

July 20, 2010

Telling Stories: Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell is a favorite artist of mine, and an exhibition of his work is currently on display at the Smithsonian Musuem of American Art (through January 2, 2011).  Rockwell displayed a talent for telling stories through his evocative artwork much the way a filmmaker shares a story through movies; in fact, the fifty-seven paintings and drawings in this exhibition are from the personal collections of filmmakers George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.
Telling Stories is the first major exhibition to explore in-depth the connections between Norman Rockwell’s iconic images of American life and the movies. Two of America’s best-known modern filmmakers—George Lucas and Steven Spielberg—recognized a kindred spirit in Rockwell and formed significant collections of his work. Rockwell’s paintings and the films of Lucas and Spielberg evoke love of country, small town values, children growing up, unlikely heroes, acts of imagination and life’s ironies.
Rockwell was a masterful storyteller who could distill a narrative into a single frame. His pictures tell stories about the adventure of growing up, of individuals rising up to face personal challenges, the glamour of Hollywood and the importance of tolerance in American life. He created his pictures with strategies similar to those used by filmmakers.
A sampling of the works on display are below.

The Connoisseur

Mermaid (A Fair Catch)

Window Washer

Knuckles Down

Shadow Artist

High Dive

Lands of Enchantment

Going Out (Woman at Vanity)

Happy Birthday Miss Jones

Four Sporting Boys - Oh Yeah

July 19, 2010

More Jenna Lyons Goodness

Earlier this month, J. Crew Executive Creative Director Jenna Lyons was promoted to President, effective September 2010.  So, I think Jenna is awesome and fabulous, blah blah blah.  I just found two interviews from Fashionista (both are from 2009, but who cares) and had to share; Life with Jenna Lyons Part I and II.  Enjoy!

July 18, 2010

Illustrations of Melissa Chaib

By happenstance, I discovered the quirky illustrations of Melissa Chaib; so cute and fun!