November 30, 2010

Book Love

Unless you've been living on Venus (I've always wanted to visit) for the past several months, you have seen the clothbound editions of Penguin Classics.  Being a book-lover and an admirer of great design, I immediately fell in love.  I refrained from posting about these new versions because they were literally everywhere--newspapers, blogs, magazines, and retailers (like my beloved Anthropologie) all gushed over the modern designs.  I'm a classicist; I don't give in much to trends (I am finally, finally, embracing animal print), and my favorite color palette for almost anything is black and white, with gray thrown in for variety; however, I can no longer abstain from showcasing these beauties on this here blog because I think they are really, really pretty.  (Not that I had any averse feelings toward the vintage-y orange-and-black covers!)  PLUS, OneKingsLane is having a sale on some aesthetically-similar-but-completely-different hard-cover books from Random House, and I just couldn't resist sharing.

November 28, 2010


Sometimes it seems a shame that we only "celebrate" Thanksgiving once a year since there is so much to be thankful for each day.  My immediate family and I went to Seaside, FL, a place that is special to us, and we were fortunate enough to be spend several days with our extended "family"; we may not be related by blood, but we are related through love and a rich history of friendship.  There are so many things for which I'm thankful (my family, my friends, my job, our country, red wine, the list goes on), but I was happy just to spend time with my favorite people in my favorite place.


Randy and Dad - BFFs

Craig, Mom, Anna

the extended family



Anna's pumpkin pie

Anna's apple pie

November 15, 2010

Frame Story

I love the idea of displaying a mundane, every day object in a way that elevates to it a work of art.  Check out these frames, perfect for displaying a small bouqest of fresh flowers, a favorite novel, or your favorite scarf. 

November 10, 2010


When you think about it, this completely explains why decaffeinated coffee tastes so terrible.


November 4, 2010

DC 2010 Tweed Ride

The second annual D.C. Tweed Ride is Sunday, November 14 this year, only a few days away.  If you're asking yourself, "What exactly is a tweed ride?", look no further than the official website of the Dandies and Quaintrelles, organizers of the event.
Dandies & Quaintrelles (est. 2009), a Washington, DC based social group, organizes and hosts vintage-inspired, stylish events in partnership with and in support of noble causes. D&Q is founded on the ideals of refined style and purposeful living. For more information, contact us.

Tweed rides have been gaining popularity in recent years, and while it's no high-heeled drag queen race, it's sure to be a fun time for those participating.  A Washington Post article from last year states, "This costumed lark may be a thread in a broader trend--a cyclical return to old-fashioned cocktails and chandelier lighting and waistcoats--that is nurturing a new brand of masculinity (rugged but elegant and old-world American) from the slick ashes of the European metrosexual."

Click here to see pictures from last year's ride, and here's to hoping that the weather holds up for these stylish cyclists

November 3, 2010

Scrabble Pillows

The weather has turned chilly in DC, and we're well into the holiday season.  Now that Halloween is over (and my decorations are put away), I'm looking forward to spending the week of Thanksgiving with my family at one of our favorite destinations.  We have some holiday traditions that include my sister and I arguing about clothes, my mother attempting to teach me how to cook, my father reminding me to change the oil in my car every three months, sipping red wine, watching old episodes of Friends, and playing numerous games of Scrabble.  As such, I thought it was appropriate to share these cute Scrabble pillows; I think they would be adorable in a child's room or guest room.

November 2, 2010

Triple Threat

My dear friend Amanda, who knows me so well it's scary, sent me a link these adorable bangles currently available from Madewell.  If you're not familiar with Madewell, a) I'd like to know where you've been for the past year, and b) it's J. Crew's slightly edgier, younger sister.  Not only do I love me some bangles, but I love the mix of the colorful thread with the metallic gold and silver.  Of course, you can't buy just one...

Nikon International Small World Competition

I thought this was such an interesting competition, and I enjoyed most of the photography in the contest (the bug eyes sort of freaked me out, no lie).
The Nikon International Small World Photomicrography Competition recently announced its list of winners for 2010. The competition began in 1974 as a means to recognize and applaud the efforts of those involved with photography through the light microscope. Peering into the small worlds of animal, plants and minerals using many techniques and different instruments, this year's entries brought us images of crystalline formations, fluorescent body parts, cellular structures and more, valuable for both their beauty and insight. The lovely folks at Nikon were kind enough to share some of their images here with us, be sure to click the link above to see all the winners.
I posted some of my favorites below, based purely on visual interested, with captions indicating the subject matter. 

recrystallized sulfur

two human cancer cells seen just before they divide into four cells

snow crystal

patterns of light seen in soap film