June 24, 2013

In Care Of

Do you watch Mad Men? This is one of the best shows on television and if you're not watching it, you're missing out. A not-so-great episode of Mad Men is generally still better than a pretty good episode of most other shows.

The season 6 finale was last night, and after a somewhat slow but significant season, it didn't disappoint. Don sank, Peggy won [then lost then won again], Ted fled, Stan ate a sandwich, Pete crashed, Joan relented, Roger tried, Bob carved, Megan stood her ground, Don came clean, Sally realized, and now, we wait.

The one-liners were particularly sharp, while there are many memorable moments (Ken dancing, Don wah-ing), nothing beats Pete's elevator mini-tantrum.

June 19, 2013

Man of Steel

Have you heard the buzz about Man of Steel, the new Superman franchise by Christopher Nolan? If you're a movie buff (and possibly even if you're not) then you already are well are of this--Nolan directed the excellent The Dark Knight trilogy, and he's now revamped Clark Kent's super alter-ego. 

I was always a Superman kind of gal growing up; I'd watch the old Christopher Reeve movies with my dad and always wanted my super power to be the ability to fly. I vividly remember Superman: The Movie, with Lois Lane hanging onto a helicopter by the strap of her seat belt and the adorably-nerdy Clark Kent changing into Superman in the nick of time to save her. (I've also never been able to see Gene Hackman as a nice guy after his turn as Lex Luthor.)

I haven't seen the new iteration yet, but I plan to. Reviews I've seen are mixed, but mostly positive. After seeing Henry Cavill in his Superman outfit, I think women around the world are hoping that he survives the supposed Superman curse.

June 17, 2013

Vineyards and a Bachlorette

My friends Shannon and Doyle are getting married later this month in Santa Barbara, and  our girlfriends celebrated Shannon by hosting a bachelorette party in her honor. I have quite a few friends who are recently engaged, and it's a great to excuse to plan a party or host a trip to the nearby Virginia vineyards. 

We spent the day tasting lots of wine (some good, some not so good!) and just generally having a great time. We were blessed with sunshine and warm weather, although we did encounter a downpour on our way to dinner.