March 23, 2010


One of my favorite retailers is J. Crew. In fact, I love J. Crew so much that the company was kind enough to send me a platinum J. Crew credit card. Now, I had a J. Crew card already, but apparently spending so much per year qualifies you for the platinum card. I didn't realize this meant anything special until I worked at J. Crew for a while, and my manager at the time mentioned that I must really, really like shopping there (you can only imagine the damage I did when I was eligible for the employee discount). But, I digress. This is a great interview with Jenna Lyons, J. Crew's fabulous creative director. Enjoy!

Island Time

I love traveling to locales both new and old. It seems like there are countless cities, villages, monuments, and natural environments to discover. One of my favorite trips in recent memory was to Martha's Vineyard, MA. If you have ever been, then you appreciate the laid-back and friendly atmosphere of the island. If not, then you need to visit right way. I visited in the summer and stayed in Edgartown. (Have you ever seen the 1975 classic Jaws? The filming of the movie took place not only on the Vineyard, but the Amityville town shots are all actual places in Edgartown.) I'm originally from the South, so I'm used to white sand beaches and warm coastal waters; however, even I enjoyed the beaches on the island. They were never too crowded, there seemed to be ample parking for the public beaches, and most importantly they were clean. I'd recommend South Beach in Katama or Menemsha, an old fishing village. The best lobster rolls on the planet are sold at Larsen's in Menemsha; grab a lobster roll, a cup of lobster bisque, a cold beer, and sit in the "dining room" or out on the beach for the best lunch you have ever had.

Although I covered the whole island, my favorite areas were Edgartown and Aquinnah. Edgartown is quaint without being overrun with tourists and visitors, like other towns on the island can be. The original home of Vineyard Vines, Edgartown has lots of souveneir shops, boutiques, art galleries and dining options. I have to make a plug for my favorite Vineyard restaurant, Atria. Grab the six-topper outside near the tree for a dazzling evening under the stars. Another great lunch or dinner option is The Atlantic; you can sit outside on the porch or on the dock overlooking Edgartown Harbor. For brunch, head to Among the Flowers just off of Main and Water Street for coffee and fresh seafood omelettes.

Aquinnah is a rural part of the island known for the stunning Gay Head Cliffs.  In addition to the cliffs, there is an old lighthouse which is a great photo op to remember your trip. I love all things nautical, and I adore lighthouses. I don't know why they seem to fascinate me so, but I took many, many pictures of the Aquinnah lighthouse.

Chappaquiddick Island, or Chappy, is famous for a certain Senator's "incident" back in 1969, but it is also a resident-only island just off the Edgartown Harbor. (There is one store, the Chappy Store, which looks like a shed. You need to bring provisions over from the main island.) Chappy is known for its red and white-striped beach cabanas and some really beautiful vacation homes.

If you do make it to the island, I'd suggest renting a car or moped to get around. Although bikes are abundant and a great way to travel, unless you're up for a 25+ mile ride, a motorized vehicle is the way to go. Chilmark, in the center of the island, is a largely residential area; in August 2009, President Obama and his family stayed at Blue Heron Farm, coincidentally owned by a family from my hometown.  Chilmark is also home to Chilmark Pottery, where you can find some one-of-a-kind pieces created right on the Island.  Chilmark Chocolates is a decadent chocolate shop where, unless you just don't like chocolate, you will fall head over heels for their varieties of chocolates, truffles, and variety of chocolate-covered fruits.

Vineyard Haven is quaint, although a little busier than Edgartown as it is the main point of entry to the Island. There are some great home furnishing stores, as well as Midnight Farm, a funky and bohemian clothing and home goods store co-owned by Carly Simon. Oak Bluffs is also a fun place to visit, although it tends to be busy and crowded during high tourist season. In Oak Bluffs you will find everything from t-shirt shops, fine dining, bed and breakfasts, bars, and the oldest platform carousel still in operation located here, as well as some delightfully, brightly painted Gingerbread Cottages.

All in all, you can find much of this information (and much, much more) by searching online for recommendations for visiting Martha's Vineyard. It is still one of my favorite destinations!

Beginning Again

This is my 4th attempt at a blog. I end up scrapping each blog each time because I can't seem to stick to a particular theme, and I have discovered that I'm neither quite as funny or as interesting as some of my favorite bloggers. Well, the point of this blog is that there is no theme. It is mainly for my enjoyment, and I will post everything and anything, from photographs I like to books, movies, music, photographs, recipes, ramblings, etc.

What I would like to discuss right now is the healthcare bill that has just been signed by President Obama. However, thinking about how complex the whole issue of healthcare reform is, I'm not going to. Instead, I'm posting something that we all can agree on, and that is this: perusing is an excellent way to spend your time. Enjoy!