June 24, 2011

It's Finally Friday

Hello friends and 4 followers and mom!  I haven't deserted you intentionally, but hot damn, the past several weeks have been a blur.  Work and life just never seem to slow down--I'm not complaining, these just be the facts.  And I have a semi-permanent houseguest these days; my awesome/amazing/beautiful/smart/talented/funny sister Anna is now a DC resident!  She graduated from college in mid-May and started her first job a mere three days later, bless her heart.  We are having a great time living together and getting lots of quality sister-sister time, and thankfully the girl bakes!  (Direct quote from her after a month living with me: "So, you're like, the opposite of domestic."  Thanks, sis.)

Remember my dear friend Amanda?  Well, Amanda and I work together... until next Wednesday; unfortunately for me and fortunately for her, she is leaving for greener pastures and the next chapter in her career.  Thankfully she'll still be in DC so it's not "goodbye," just "I'll see ya later."  My other fabulous co-worker (and fellow J. Crew, Kate Spade, and FRBV-loving buddy) Amy has already left for Capitol Hill.  The times they are a'changing, but all for the best!

gift from co-worker Amy on her last day of work

Anyway, my blog is a great way for me to zone out for a few minutes during the week so I'll get back to regularly-scheduled programming shortly.