October 6, 2010

Wedding Weekend

I spent the past weekend at a friend's wedding in Hollywood, Florida.  It was a wonderful trip; the weather was beautiful, I got sunburned, I shared a hotel room with some hilarious friends, the ceremony was elegant, the reception was a nonstop dance party, and the bride was absolutely stunning.  My sweet friend Amanda, a University of Florida graduate, for some crazy reason scheduled her ceremony at the exact same time as the Alabama vs. Florida game; although I was surrounded by Florida Gators almost the whole weekend, it turned out okay in the end since the Tide was victorious.  It was also my first Jewish wedding, and I enjoyed learning about the traditional customs (like the chuppah, the ketubah, and the horah). Below are some pictures of the hotel and of the festivities.

the lovely bride and groom
there was very nearly a wedding cake malfunction

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