August 26, 2011

General Housekeeping

Hello friends, followers, and Mom,

I am still here, but this summer has been an absolute whirlwind and I am just now starting to slow down.  My sister moved to DC and slept on my couch (in my one-bedroom apartment) for three months.  Amazingly, we still actually LIKE each other.  Crazy, I know.  I moved into a new place with two other girls and am so happy that I did.  I loved living by myself and having my own space to decorate and make my own, but I also love having two fabulous roommates, cheaper rent, an adorable back patio, and the convenience of living a bit closer to town.  Onward and upward!

By now you've probably heard about, or even felt firsthand, the 5.8 earthquake that occurred in Virginia on August 23.  Just... wow.  I've never been through an earthquake before, and living in DC, my absolute last thought was the shifting of tectonic plates.  I was certain it was an internal explosion or some sort of terrorist attack; it didn't soothe my nerves knowing that I work within a 1/4 mile from Reagan National Airport and less than a mile from the Pentagon.  Luckily, everyone was safe and unharmed.

That brings us to Hurricane Irene who is threatening to ruin my weekend plans.  While Irene won't directly hit the immediate DC area, we will get lots of heavy wind and rains, and knowing how inefficient our energy company is during regular thunderstorms, I can only hope that we are without power for a very, very short time.  If you're in Irene's path, stay indoors, stock up on non-perishables and water, and keep a flashlight handy!

Other than that, life is good!  I'll have some book reviews forthcoming and just some general pretty things that make me smile.  For now, I'll leave you with these earrings that I just bought from one of my faves, kate spade.

Have a fabulous (and safe) weekend!

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