March 23, 2012

About Time

I meant to post this last week when the news broke, but unsurprisingly I didn't get around to it!  Kate Spade has launched a line of watches (finally!) that are pretty darn cute.  My favorites are the Carousel bangle watches, by far.  The candy-colored enamel was designed to invoke the Carousel in Central Park, New York.  
"Inspired by the sweet, whimsical carousel in manhattan's central park, [the Carousel bangle is] crafted of gold-plated metal and enamel and, just like our signature idiom bangles, you'll find a few of our favorite turns of phrase delicately engraved inside."

The majority of the other selections fit Kate Spade's modern but feminine aesthetic.  Since I work in Georgetown now, just a hop, skip, and jump from the Kate Spade store, I bopped in on my lunch break last week to check out the watches in person.  In fact, I liked the turquoise Carousel bangle so much that I bought one as a congratulations-on-losing-your-job-but-landing-the-job-that-you-really-wanted gift to myself; the inscription seemed so appropriate: DIVE IN! 

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