August 12, 2010

Rachel Zoe Literally "Dies"

Rachel Zoe, stylist extraordinaire, has graciously contributed her catchphrase "I die!" to the American lexicon.  Whenever Rachel is feeling particularly excited by something, be it a dress, accessory, idea, or sparkle, she exclaims "I die!" and usually throws around some other key words, like "literally" and "major"; for example, "I die! That Versace dress is literally so major!  MAJOR!"  Rachel isn't everyone's cup o' tea, but I enjoy her and her show, The Rachel Zoe Project.

In the newest issue of Harper's Bazaar, Rachel partakes in a photo shoot wherein her famous designer friends literally try to kill her.  Not only is the editorial self-deprecating on Rachel's part, but it's fun to see the actual designers in front of the lens rather than simply the clothes they create.  Pictures below are from the September 2010 online edition of the magazine (doesn't Jen look ah-mazing on the cover?).

Marc Jacobs

Vera Wang

Michael Kors

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