November 30, 2010

Book Love

Unless you've been living on Venus (I've always wanted to visit) for the past several months, you have seen the clothbound editions of Penguin Classics.  Being a book-lover and an admirer of great design, I immediately fell in love.  I refrained from posting about these new versions because they were literally everywhere--newspapers, blogs, magazines, and retailers (like my beloved Anthropologie) all gushed over the modern designs.  I'm a classicist; I don't give in much to trends (I am finally, finally, embracing animal print), and my favorite color palette for almost anything is black and white, with gray thrown in for variety; however, I can no longer abstain from showcasing these beauties on this here blog because I think they are really, really pretty.  (Not that I had any averse feelings toward the vintage-y orange-and-black covers!)  PLUS, OneKingsLane is having a sale on some aesthetically-similar-but-completely-different hard-cover books from Random House, and I just couldn't resist sharing.

1 comment:

  1. I have to admit, I hate the old orange and black covers. These new ones are great!