November 4, 2010

DC 2010 Tweed Ride

The second annual D.C. Tweed Ride is Sunday, November 14 this year, only a few days away.  If you're asking yourself, "What exactly is a tweed ride?", look no further than the official website of the Dandies and Quaintrelles, organizers of the event.
Dandies & Quaintrelles (est. 2009), a Washington, DC based social group, organizes and hosts vintage-inspired, stylish events in partnership with and in support of noble causes. D&Q is founded on the ideals of refined style and purposeful living. For more information, contact us.

Tweed rides have been gaining popularity in recent years, and while it's no high-heeled drag queen race, it's sure to be a fun time for those participating.  A Washington Post article from last year states, "This costumed lark may be a thread in a broader trend--a cyclical return to old-fashioned cocktails and chandelier lighting and waistcoats--that is nurturing a new brand of masculinity (rugged but elegant and old-world American) from the slick ashes of the European metrosexual."

Click here to see pictures from last year's ride, and here's to hoping that the weather holds up for these stylish cyclists

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