October 23, 2012

Kate Spade Saturday

I adore almost all things Kate Spade, from purses to jewelry to my hot pink day planner, so I was excited to learn about Kate Spade Saturday, a new brand set to launch in Spring 2013. 

"In a perfect world, every day would be Saturday." That's the motto behind the casual lifestyle line that is supposed to mirror Madewell (which I like) and C. Wonder (which I love) in price and aesthetic. This is not a diffusion line but a vertical brand that should capture current Kate Spade lovers and as well as attract new fans.

I received an email this morning about signing up for updates, so I did a little Internet research to see what else I could find out. And I found this from Style Bistro...

And I thought to myself, "Editorial mistake. Must have accidentally linked to American Apparel. Kate would never try to sell Minnie Mouse shoes." However, similar Google searches returned similar results. I'm holding out hope that more sneak-peeks of the collection come out soon. 

For now, Racked.com has six things you should know about Saturday.

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  1. Interesting... I will be curious to see the goodies!