July 7, 2010

Elite Sports

This summer I was finally introduced to bocce.  I knew the basic rules, but I had never played until a few weeks ago.  Basically, there are two teams and your team throws/tosses/rolls its bocce balls as close to the yellow ball (the "jack" or "pallino") as possible.  Pretty simple, yet I still managed to be terrible at it.  Anyway, I was surfing the 'net and found a beautiful bocce ball set.  I know what you're thinking... you're thinking the record-breaking heat in DC has gone to my head and I'm probably dehydrated and might start saying next that I like Auburn football or that I think Julia Roberts is a good actress (yes, maybe, no, never!).  I'll show you what I'm talking about.

This is what your average, run-of-the-mill bocce ball set looks like:

This, however, is what a bocce ball set looks like after Karl Lagerfeld gets his hands on it:

Beautiful, right?  The kicker is that each of these Chanel bocce sets cost $2,800, while the average set costs between $30-$50.  These are both from the Chanel 2010 sports collection, and several other pieces of the collection are below. 

rugby, basketball, and tennis ball



wooden skis


dumb bells


bicycle ($17,000)


rollerblades (do people still rollerblade?)

tennis raquet

fishing set

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