July 29, 2010

Weird Umbrella Inventions

It's pouring rain outside, which naturally led to a co-worker discussion about umbrellas.  Someone suggested that a full-body umbrella should be invented, and a quick Google search proved that, lo and behold, one has been.  See below for a few, um, creative umbrella ideas.

the bottle cap umbrella

the Bumpbrella, inflated with a bicycle pump

the cloud umbrella (also inflatable)

the Nubrella

the UFO cap

the full body umbrella

the shoe umbrella(s)


  1. I need the shoe umbrella(s).

  2. The body/nutbrella umbrella is a brillant idea if you are going out and you are a girl with your hair all prettied up! It would do fantastic work and wouldn't allow yourself to get wet.