October 19, 2010

J. Crew + Hairy Legs = New Fashion Trend?

In a major fashion surprise, J. Crew is apparently endorsing hairy legs for the fall/winter.  You'd think with the money and effort that they company spends on research, development, and design, someone along the way would have caught this.  Patterned tights are on trend for the time being (and were fashionable last season as well), and J. Crew makes several options in both black and brown.  Well, J. Crew's lace tights in fawn happen to make the model look like she hasn't shaved her legs in quite a while.  I'm personally not a fan of patterned tights to begin with, but this just takes it to a whole new level.  (I'm not judging--if you can rock the patterned tights with confidence, more power to you!)

After Gawker pointed out the faux pas, J. Crew changed the image to show the black lace tights.  Smart move, J. Crew, smart move.  What are your thoughts on this debacle?

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1 comment:

  1. That made my stomach turn a bit. NYMag also tore them apart.

    I am much more of a colored tights girl, myself!