January 28, 2011

NFL Fandom

Hailing from the South as I do, I grew up with the understanding that football (American football, for those of you [Bueller?] with an international background) was America's favorite past time, not baseball or eating contests or capitalism or celebrity gossip or anything else.  While sometimes I grow a little weary of the football-as-religion mentality, I do really enjoy the sport.  Growing up in the great state of Mississippi, however, meant that I didn't have an allegiance to (or more accurately, interest in) the NFL since we were not home to any NFL team.  The geographically closest team was the New Orleans Saints, a team with a consistently losing record.  I played my fair share of sports when I was younger, and let me tell you, I've had enough losing for a lifetime.  Then, about equal distance from us, were the Atlanta Falcons and the Dallas Cowboys.  The Cowboys were pretty great in the 90s, while the Falcons were nothing to write home about.  ALL OF THIS TO SAY, that only since I've moved to DC, home of the Washington Redskins, have I even begun paying attention to professional football.  I will always prefer college football (Roll TIDE) to pro, but I thought this map was a) cool, b) pretty accurate, and c) well-done.

(via SBNation; click on the image to biggify it)

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