January 31, 2011

Prayer Request

Kids, shit's about to get heavy.  I normally keep this blog light and fun, but I have a serious request for those of you who visit me here.  I'll keep it short and simple: my uncle went to his doctor last Wednesday after having some chest pain.  About halfway through his treadmill stress test, the cardiologist told him to stop walking and said he needed to have surgery as soon as possible to insert a stent due to blockage(s) in his veins.  While serious due to the blockages, it's a pretty simple surgery.  His surgery was scheduled for today, and after surgery he'd spend tonight in the hospital for observation and be back at work on Wednesday.  Well, today in surgery the doctors found that his blockages are so calcified that a stent won't solve the problem; instead, my uncle will undergo a quadruple bypass at 8:30am EST tomorrow, if there is not an "immediate" need before that time.  I'm a praying gal, and I would appreciate any and all prayers, compassionate thoughts, good vibes, incantations, etc. that he is in capable and compassionate hands and that he pulls through.  Assuming everything goes well in the morning, he will have at least a 90-day recovery period.  That's another conversation... one step at a time.

Dad on left, uncle on right. Look nothing alike, do they?


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Sending love and positive energy his way... and yours!


  2. Thinking about your uncle. Hope all went well this morning and he's on his way to recovery.

  3. Oh no:( I'll be praying for a very speedy recovery for your uncle, as well as peace of mind for you all! No fun having a loved one in the hospital.

    Update us when you can! Hope to hear that he's doing wonderfully very soon:)