May 21, 2010

My Thumb Isn't Green

Not that this should surprise anyone, but I'm not that great when it comes to plants.  As in, I've never really been able to keep them alive for an extended period of time.  As sort of a joke, I think, my mother bought me an "Eye Grow" for Easter.  Yes, that's right, an Eye Grow.  While I'm not sure where she picked it up, I'm pretty sure it's like a Chia Pet, but for kids (it's only about four inches tall).  Undeterred, I decided I would try my hand at tending to this miniature plant-like creature.  Lo and behold, after only a week, success!  My plant, named Chester, was thriving!  Look at that hair, that smile!

Then, about three weeks after the above photo was taken, I came into my office bright and early on a Monday morning to witness this:

I had neglected Chester and it showed in a major way.  His beautiful green mane was wilted and brown.  I trimmed his split ends, and I have spent the week watering him, talking to him, coercing him to drink, begging him to hold onto life, and he looks.exactly.the.same.  I think I've killed him, or at least killed his spirit.  I'm giving him extra water today before I leave my office for the weekend, and hopefully things are looking up by Monday.

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